Early College

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Parke Heritage High School uses the strength of their Wolf Pack staff to provide students with many course opportunities.

Our staff members are trained to teach the Early College and Statewide Transfer General Education Core courses. The staff collaborates with Ivy Tech Community College, Indiana University and the Wabash River Career and Technical Education program to provide high quality classes for our PHHS students.


At Parke Heritage High School, the staff works with each graduate to customize a plan that suits their post-graduation plan.
Using the goal of “Enroll, Enlist, Employ,” Mrs. Jane McMullen and Mrs. Sheryl McDaniel, PHHS Counselors work with each senior to explore their post-graduation options. The main focus for each student is to find a plan that will suit the student’s interests and to help them be successful following their high school graduation.
Enroll, Enlist, Employ

The Early College is a whole school model that does not exclude any students. The goal is to provide students with the skills needed to succeed upon graduation from high school.


Parke Heritage High School Early College

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