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Students needing assistance with dual credit, DuoEnroll, or any other early college-related questions can schedule a meeting with Kim Grayless, Ivy Tech admissions and interim college connection coach for PHHS by filling out this form: https://forms.gle/RgEG3boznCCBp34m9
Kim will next be in the building on Monday, Dec. 13.

Final Exam Day 1 -Thursday, Dec. 16

8:35-9:57 Period 1 Exam (82 minutes) 10:01-11:21 Period 2 Exam (80 minutes) 11:25-11:55 A Lunch/3rd (30 Min) 11:59 Have a bell ring for A  lunch kids to be in 3rd 11:55-12:29 B Lunch/3rd (30 min for lunch / 26 min for 3rd) 12:33-12:53 4th class review (20 minutes) 12:57-1:17 6th class review  (20 minutes) 1:21-1:41 7th class review (20 minutes) 1:45-3:05 Period 5 Exam (80 minutes)

Final Exam Day 2 (Friday, Dec. 17)

8:35-9:55 Period 3 Exam (80 minutes) 9:59-11:17 Period 4 Exam (78 minutes) 11:21-11:51 A Lunch/B Tutorial 11:55 Have a bell ring for A lunch kids to be in tutorial 11:51-12:21 B Lunch/A Tutorial 12:25-1:43 Period  6 Exam (78 minutes) 1:47-3:05 Period 7 Exam (78 minutes)
Parke County REMC Scholarship Application. The student must live on Parke County REMC lines to be eligible. The eligibility requirements are listed on the application. Due by January 31st! Parke County REMC Scholarship Application Link

Seniors: Here is the link for cap and gown ordering information: https://highschool.herffjones.com/secom/home
Senior Parents and Guardians:
Please click on the newsletter to see important information about photo and ad due dates.

Tonight's Events- Friday, December 3
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM Basketball (Boys VARSITY) - Banks
Location: South Vermillion High School

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